3 Steps To Apologize Effectively

Can a dude born in 1706 teach us the 3 steps to apologize effectively?

I don’t know what this guy knew about a primary relationship. Yet, good ol’ Ben Franklin was esteemed for his ability to communicate well. Let’s take what he said and give you our always-work (aka: never-fail) steps for apologies. We’re assuming you apologize, don’t you?

We invite you to review the The Empowerment Dynamic model. As you use it and apply these steps, you will surely experience greater happiness, joy, and fun in your relationship.

We’d love to hear your perspectives. We’d also like to learn about the results you create. Why not consciously apply these steps as you create your relationship by your design?

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Greg Hall

Awesome stuff you two and so very important! I love how you boil it down to some very straightforward steps. Thank you!

Dan Ohler

Hi Greg & Susan. Thanks for the comment. I find that sometimes life and relationships can seem so complex and might even have me feeling stuck. All it takes is for me to be aware of it, and take one small step, and then another. An apology is one of those steps. I go from feeling victimized to experiencing joy and abundance.


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