Fear Always Divides

Yes, it is true, “fear always divides.” Just look around. People are afraid to be close to each other, afraid to hug, afraid to visit family and friends, afraid to sneeze in a public place, afraid to drive or fly, etc.

Fear disconnects people in a time when we need connection more than ever.

We believe love is always the answer. In this podcast you’ll find ways to overcome fears and bring people together, especially in your home relationship. It takes courage, vulnerability and a willingness to communicate effectively.

Does fear always divide? What are the fears that are holding you back? You are not alone in this, so let’s talk.

We’d like to hear your thoughts about how you are overcoming fears and creating greater joy and happiness. We invite you to email us at info@DanAndCarol.com or call us at 780-785-3700.

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