About Carol

Who is Carol Ohler?

I’ve lived in rural Alberta most of my life.  I believe this experience has instilled in me grass-roots values, authenticity, and a willingness to work together for important, valuable, and meaningful goals.  These principles are often overlooked in our modern world as we tend to strive for success and the accumulation of more things to hoard.

As a girl, I played many sports, both as an individual and as team player.  The experiences that were the most fulfilling were those that allowed me to grow, encourage, celebrate and win – as a team.  In later years, I dreamed of being a mom, a farmer’s wife, and a teacher, all of which occurred before I was 25 years old.  What I didn’t dream about was quality of life, and how I showed up in those roles.

These roles, and others I accepted, proved to be more challenging than I thought.  However, through the humps and bumps (and sometimes deep chasms), I learned to apply the same skills that I learned through sports.  I realized that downplaying my team-mate’s shortcomings and encouraging his strengths was a great way to have my relationships grow and excel.  I realized, that if WE don’t win collectively, then I lose individually.

Why do I love coaching?

Dan and I have worked on ourselves and our relationship, individually and together.  We’ve read books, taken intensive training, and done a lot of trial and error experiments.  It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been totally worth it for us.

The beautiful thing about the coaching process is that we won’t tell you what to do based on our experience, because that shuts down the creative part of your brain.  Instead, we’ll support you to find and commit to your best way.  That’s where inspiration comes from and the reason you’ll follow through on your commitments.

How do you play your game?

Your journey all starts with a conversation.  I invite you to call me at 780-269-0004.

Bits ‘n pieces about Carol:

  • Couples Relationship Coach
  • Personal Mastery Coach
  • Erickson College Professional Coach (ECPC) – The Art & Science of Coaching
  • Certified Dream Coach®
  • Entrepreneur – Co-owner of Dan & Carol: Relationships By Design
  • Previous Owner/Manager of Connections Coffee House
  • Licensed Facilitator of Personality Dimensions ®
  • B.Ed, specializing in High School Mathematics