Relationship Recharge Get-away Retreat

In the past, we facilitated weekend workshops for couples (10 – 15 couples at a time).  One person came joyfully, excited about the possibilities.  The partner…usually kicking and screaming – not wanting to talk about their relationship with a room full of strangers.

Relationship Recharge Get-away Retreat eliminates this concern.  This 24-hour retreat is exclusive, just the two of you with the two of us.  It includes a minimum of 5-hours of coaching specifically for what is important for you. Using the forward-moving coaching process, it allows you to focus on what are likely the two most important relationships you will ever have – with yourself and your partner.

What happens?

You’ll be guided, and challenged to:

  • discover your vision, values, and goals as a couple
  • look within yourselves to find solutions that feel good and make sense
  • talk to each other (and LISTEN) – in an open and honest way
  • discover and commit to actions that will give you measurable results
  • become your own best support team
  • move your relationship forward toward greater happiness and success.

The result for you is a dynamic, respectful, charismatic, and romantic “conscious relationship”.  Do you think this would affect your results in your family, friends, career, and community?

Where is it?

We welcome you to our home, the Centre for Enlightened Relationships, which was once a small country B&B – just one-hour west of Edmonton, AB.  It is quiet, peaceful, and conducive to honest and creative thoughts and dialogue.   It is also away from the regular distractions of your own home.

How to get started!

We invite you to and complete this Relationship Self Check to gain a snapshot of the quality of your relationship now.

As a couple, we work with you in-person from our location near Edmonton, Alberta, or by phone or video wherever you are.

Are you ready to get started with Couple’s Coaching or Relationship Recharge Get-away Retreat?  Or do you need more information?  It all starts with conversation.  We invite you to call us at 780-785-9479. 

If you’re not quite ready for the conversation, we invite you to scroll to the bottom and sign up for our newsletter.  We know you’ll create value for yourself that way.

What Others Say…

“Our thanks to you for helping us get our marriage back on a sound footing. We thought we had insurmountable problems and were so relieved to find out we were “Not Broken” after all. We just had a communication problem – we never heard what each other was saying, only what we thought was being said.  We learned so much about ourselves and each other and will definitely do this again.”

-Irene & Rick Wurster