Communication Excellence for Couples

Communication Excellence is typically for corporate teams.

A weird thing happens

Every time we facilitate one of these programs, participants ask if we do a similar program for couples.  And couples we coach have asked for a training event, specifically for couples, to learn more about their own, and their partner’s communication styles.

So… we’re excited to offer Communication Excellence for Couples!

It is similar to the corporate program, except that we hone-in on the dynamics of an intimate relationship.

Communication Excellence for Couples gives you the knowledge, tools and strategies to be accountable for your communication choices and results – as a couple.  These choices and results are ultimately responsible for your level of happiness, satisfaction, and success in your relationship.

The self-assessment is Personality Dimensions®.  All activities and dialogue are based on that understanding of the behavioural styles.  It is highly interactive, engaging, and a lot of fun as you get to learn more about how to communicate more effectively in your relationship, and in all areas of your life.

This is not just another workshop, with handouts that get thrown away.  This allows you to establish a new “operating system” for how you interact with each other.  You’ll leave with solid plans, strategies, or methods to enhance your relationship and create greater happiness and satisfaction.

Who can attend?

Some workshops are only for couples with whom we’ve worked – those who have engaged in Couples Coaching or Relationship Recharge Get-away Retreat.

Other workshops are open to any couple who would like to ramp up their communication skills.

Do you know of other couples in your community who would benefit?  We’re happy to have a conversation about bringing this to your community.  After all, the couple and family relationships are the foundation of your community.

We invite you to download this Communication Excellence Syllabus for Couples.

Are you ready to get started with Communication Excellence for Couples?  Or do you need more information?  It all starts with conversation.  We invite you to call us at 780-785-9479.

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