Couples Therapy & Marriage Counselling Services in Alberta, CAN

As a married couple providing couples & marriage counselling in Alberta, we “get” that you are uncomfortable with the quality of your relationship, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.  We acknowledge you for your awareness and courage to look for alternatives.

When the relationship gets “rocky,” statistics prove that most couples will choose to take what they perceive to be the “easy” route and bail out. It is a choice.  Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t end well for them. This choice is fraught with even more challenges that weren’t expected.

Only you know the best choice for your specific situation, but you may not know the what, where, how, or when. More importantly, you may not be clear on the why – the reasons for being together. 

We help you figure that out.  The following programs are alternatives, whereby we work with you, with your unique challenges, to create strategies, plans, and commitments that are guaranteed to provide you relief and solid steps forward as a couple – if you are both willing to do the work on yourselves. 

Let’s face the facts:  Your long-term satisfaction, joy, fulfillment, and success in all areas of your life are at stake. 

How long are you to willing to keep it the way it is?

Our Counselling & Therapy Services

Couples Therapy Counselling Service

Are you in this relationship, but haven’t gone through the legal process of becoming married?  And/or maybe you’re planning marriage but want to ensure you are communicating effectively first – with a high level of honesty, trust, transparency, and accountability.

Do you want to ensure you’ve built a solid foundation upon which to build the relationship you desire?

Marriage Counselling Service

Marriage is a significant commitment and investment people make in life.  An investment of time, talent, resouces, and heart.  Yes, a marriage is an asset. 

One of the most powerful “rights” of the investment is that you have absolute control and power over the short- and long-term returns you both receive – emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and even financially.

Just like an exercise or nutrition plan, there are reasonably simple and doable habit changes you can make that will guarantee the results you want. 

Other Services for Troubled Marriages and Couples

Strategic Planning for Couples

Your “home” relationship is very similar to a business, with the two of you being 50% shareholders.  The principles that ensure long-term sustainability and success for a business are well-known.  We work with you to apply these same success principles in your relationship.  Curious?

Relationship Recharge Get Away Retreat

Let us guess…

You’d like to have focused and honest conversations, and do fun things together, and have high-quality intimate time together.  Wouldn’t you? 

But there are constant distractions that get in the way – kids, pets, TV, #^%$ devices, laundry, dishes, extra work, etc.

Imagine… just imagine what your relationship could look like, sound like, and feel like if the two of you got away from those distractions, and focused on developing ways and means, tools, plans, and solid commitments to ensure you prioritized your relationship?  Imagine ….. 

Enlightened Relationship Program

Creating a high-quality relationship is super challenging on your own.  Very few have done it without outside guidance, encouragement, and help.

You know, and we know, that creating the positive results in your relationship will take time, dedication, and on-going support. 

Yes, a Relationship Recharge Get-away Retreat will help.  Yes, Couples Coaching will help.  However, if you put the two of them together, your chances of exponential results are greatly enhanced.