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If you’re looking for a professional accredited coach or ‘communication excellence’ facilitator with grassroots rural values, authenticity, honesty, and a practitioner of the technology of love – let’s talk.

Technology of Love?

Yes.  Let’s face the fact; success is dependent upon how effective you are dealing with people.  Whether you’re wanting professional growth or personal growth, application of this technology is critical.  As a society, the technology of love is even more critical now as we work through the pandemic which has shaken the world.  Or at least it has shaken many people’s view of the world. Love is still the same, when we apply it.

High ranking executives and entrepreneurs world-wide appreciate the ROI through having a coach – someone who loves them so much they will ask the honest and really tough questions, and then hold them accountable to make a plan and follow-through on their commitments.

Here’s the deal in its simplest terms.  In everything you or I think, say or do, we either choose to apply the technology of Love, or we choose to apply the technology of Not-Love.  A result is guaranteed based on the choice.

Unfortunately, in our fast-paced, electronic, ‘busy’ society, it can be too easy to unconsciously choose to apply the technology of Not-Love, and neglect the critical relationships that make life meaningful, purposeful, intentional, and successful.

Methodology for Change

When we work together, you’ll discover your potential to excel.  Through the forward-moving, solution-oriented coaching process, you will establish your plans, strategies, and best steps to create the measurable results you want.  With dedication and commitment, you’ll feel joy, happiness and fulfillment on your own terms.  Maybe not all the time, but much more of the time.

Professional Certified Coach

The best coach invites you to step into the uncomfortable space where change occurs.  You’ll get that, and be supported in every step you choose to take.

Is Dan Ohler the right coach for you?

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How do we work together?

As an individual, or as a couple, we work with you in-person from our location near Edmonton, Alberta or by phone or video, wherever you are.

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