Strategic Planning for Couples

Most successful businesses have a compelling Vision, Mission, and a small list of Values that provide guidance for decision-making, planning, and action. They are all part of a Strategic Plan, a living document that gives meaning, purpose, and direction – for all involved.

A few years ago, it occurred to us that this can be powerful for us in our “home-relationship”.  We began to consider our marriage as a company, “Carol & Dan Inc.”. Each of us are 50% shareholders, each of us striving to ensure the company is strong, vibrant, thriving, and extremely successful for the long-term.  Although we’re 50% shareholders, we each commit 100% effort to our relationship.

How does it work?

Clarity on the Vision, Mission, and Values provides us meaning and purpose. 

A review of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats brings to light alternatives for more than either of us thought possible. The review provides awareness of potential roadblocks in our relationship.

Strategies for Operations, Finances, and especially Human Resources, clarifies how resources are used (time, talent, and treasure), expectations, and provides for individual wellness and growth.  We don’t worry about Marketing, since we’re already totally sold on each other.

These strategies initiate agreements for accountability, which provides ultimate ownership for all aspects of the relationship.  By living accountably, we eliminate (or greatly reduce) victimization, victimhood, and destructive conflict.

We’ve learned this: What works in successful business works in our marriage.

What about you – in your home-relationship?

How would a Strategic Plan in your relationship allow you to thrive in a more conscious, intentional, and purposeful way?

Because this is unconventional for couples, we’re thrilled to work with you.  We facilitate the dialogue, using coaching principles, so you create what is best for you – your unique plan.  You’ll be provided with the time, space, and tools you need to create your own Couples Strategic Plan.

Keep in mind, this is a “living system”, so you’ll also determine reflection, revision, and celebration points in your plan.

What’s included:

  • Strategic Planning for Couples Retreat at the Centre For Enlightened Relationships (approx. 10 hours of facilitation/coaching)
  • Exclusive – just the 2 of you with Carol and Dan
  • Accommodations and meals
  • 3 telephone or in-person follow-up coaching sessions
  • PLUS, emails, phone calls, relationship templates
  • We’re your cheerleaders every step of the way

Call us at 780-785-9479 or email us at and let’s talk about what’s possible for you. It all starts with a conversation!

The Centre For Enlightened Relationships

Where is it?

We welcome you to our home, the Centre for Enlightened Relationships, which was once a small country B&B – just one-hour west of Edmonton, AB. It is quiet, peaceful, and conducive to honest and creative thoughts and dialogue. It is also away from the regular distractions of your own home.