Calgary Marriage Counselling, Couples Therapy and Retreats

Are you in a relationship or marriage that feels like its heading down the wrong path?

Hi. We’re Dan and Carol Ohler and after more than three decades of marriage, we’re here to help. We have experienced plenty of the ups and downs that come with being in an intimate relationship. We’re happy to use the personal lessons we’ve learned through our own marriage to help other couples (like us) in Calgary, Alberta and the surrounding areas.

Couples Counselling Services in Calgary, Alberta

Sometimes you find someone who you think is perfect for you.  But, a few months or years into the relationship you discover that things aren’t going as well as you hoped or expected. That doesn’t mean you aren’t right for each other or that you should give up; you might just need relationship coaching to set you on the right path. We use proven techniques to provide relationship counselling services to couples who are going through a variety of marital issues, and we’d love to work with you and your partner.

Marriage Counselling Services in Calgary, Alberta

Like so many others, our marriage started out perfectly, but over time we began to develop bad habits resulting in conflict.  It wasn’t healthy for either of us. We took the time to analyze and redesign our relationship in a way that was healthy for both of us, and we can do the same for you with our marriage counselling services.

Marriage and Couples Retreats in Calgary, Alberta

Our Calgary, Alberta couples counselling services include couple’s retreats.  In a personalized and confidential setting, we can help you get to the root of your conflicts and come out feeling like your relationship is stronger than ever. We’ll work  exclusively with you to ensure you and your partner don’t regret taking advantage of this unique opportunity.