How-To Attract the Perfect Mate, Job, and Neighbourhood – Part 1

Jessamyn West said, “You make what seems a simple choice: choose a man or a job or a neighborhood – and what you have chosen is not a man or a job or a neighborhood, but a life.”

Whoa partner!  Let’s think about the truth in that.

How many people do you know who seem to have chosen a life-partner because they found a spark of what seemed to be love – but it didn’t last?  Did you do this?

How many people do you know who seem to have chosen a job or business because it was available – but it is “ho-hum, just a job”?  Did you do this?

How many people do you know who seem to have chosen a neighbourhood because it was close to the above-noted job/business – but “it ain’t the best place in the world”?  Did you do this?

Many of us have unconsciously chosen to put ourselves in these situations.  We didn’t really know what we wanted so we took what came along.

It is proof of the ol’ Law of Attraction at work.  We attracted exactly what we were focussing on most.  We didn’t really know who we wanted for a mate, we didn’t know how we wanted to give value to society, and we surely didn’t know where we wanted to live.  Unclear, uncertain, unfocussed thoughts gave us an unclear, uncertain, unfocussed, and un-inspiring life.  And the more we noticed and focused on the undesirables, the more of those we attracted.

Yikes!  If we are not consciously aware of the pattern, it can become a nasty habit.

You may be thinking, “Nah, Dan, things are pretty good for me.  There’s only a couple things that could be better.”

Great awareness!  Let’s do something about it.

In this 2-part series of articles, you will gain the steps to clarify:
– what you want,
– who you need to be, and
– what you need to do.

These steps will help you live a highly-inspired life – a life where you will attract your “ideal” mate, job/business, neighbourhood, financial situation, or anything else you desire.  By following the steps, you may find that you already have what you want – it only takes a shift of your perception, attitude, or focus.

Don’t rush this process.  Take a period of time between each step.  Invest time to consciously, consistently, and persistently think about each challenge being presented.  Trust the process.  The goal is to become a conscious, self-reliant, accountable, highly-inspired, joyous, and successful human being.

Sound good?  Read on, my friend.

In my description of the following steps, I will use a perfect mate.  You can substitute job, business, neighbourhood, or whatever it is that you desire.

Here we go folks.  Gather your high-tech tools – a pen and paper.  Settle into a comfortable place, away from the instruments of mass distraction (phone, music, TV, computer).  Here’s the first challenge for you, should you choose to accept it.

1. Identify the one area of your life to focus on:  perfect mate, job, business, neighbourhood, etc.  Write that one thing on the top of the list.  As noted, I’ll use “my perfect mate” as an example.

2. In point form, describe that perfect mate.  Be as specific as possible.  Describe qualities, traits, attitudes, behaviours, approach to life, behavioural style, ways of thinking, etc.  Create a profile of as many things as you can.  How could this person be made-to-order, especially for you?

3. Consciously go through your days thinking, “what if” and observing others for what would be ideal for you.

4. Continue to edit and add to your profile until you are totally satisfied.

5. Keep this profile in a convenient place and read it at least once a day.  Picture in your mind, and sense the feelings, “as if” this person were already a part of your life.

If you are in a life-relationship, this is not meant to have you go looking for anyone else.  Rather, if you look, you will likely see many of these desirable qualities in the person with whom you are already involved.  Focus on them and you will see more.

If you are in the “looking mode”, avoid searching for this perfect mate.  Simply think about how it will feel to be in a relationship with the person you have described in your profile.  As you think about it, you will attract this person to you.

If the area of your life on which you have focussed is your job, business, or neighbourhood, the same steps apply.

Congratulations!  This is the first and easiest step in the 2-part process because it is about clarifying what you will attract.  The upcoming step is about who you need to become to attract your perfect mate, job, business, or neighbourhood.

This process is about making positive change in you.  It never has anything to do with anyone else.  As much as we may resist, the only way to change our lives is to change our minds and do something differently than we are now.  This applies to the positive and negative, and it applies to me and you.  It’s one of those natural laws.

That brings us back to where we started.  The choices in our life may not be simple; however they can be easy, conscious choices when we are clear about what we want and how we will feel.

Until next time, happy examination, investigation and srutinisation!