How-To Attract the Perfect Mate, Job, and Neighbourhood – Part 2

In the last article, How-To Attract the Perfect Mate, Job, and Neighbourhood – Part 1, you created a profile of your “ideal” mate, job, business, neighbourhood, or whatever it was that you chose to focus on, and attract into your life.  If you didn’t accept the challenge in that article, or missed reading it, consider going back to complete that now.  You’ll be glad you did.

How has that worked so far for you?  Were you able to clarify and focus on what you want to create for yourself?  Could you sense the feelings “as if” it were true today?

That one step may have provided great insight about your needs and desires, and you may have found opportunities already.  For me, that first step is so rewarding because it forces me to focus on my desires, rather than what I don’t want.

Now, let’s take this process a step further.  In the last article, I said change never has anything to do with something outside of ourselves, it is always about changing our minds and doing something differently.

In my previous article, my example was attracting the perfect mate.  I’m going to continue with that theme, however if your focus is on another area of your life, please continue with your focus using this same process.

The next step is this:
– Who do I need to “be” to attract that perfect mate?
– What do I need to change about me to fit what she would have written on her profile?  In other words, who do I need to become?

You may be thinking, “Why is this important?”

Picture this – the profile of my perfect mate contains these things: physically fit, loves dancing, reads books.

If I were an obese person, didn’t know how to dance, and hated reading, how successful would our relationship be if I met the person described in my profile?  It would be similar to forcing a square peg into a round hole, a 1-inch bolt into a ¼-inch nut, a Hummer into the trunk of a Dodge Neon – it wouldn’t fit.

If I want to attract the person in my profile, I need to examine what he or she wants and what I need to do to match that person’s wants.

As in the last article, don’t rush the process.  Take your time to think deeply and complete this challenge with care.  It will make a significant positive difference in your life – guaranteed.

Gather your high-tech tools – a pen and paper.  Settle into a comfortable place, away from the weapons of mass distraction (phone, music, TV, computer).  Here’s the challenge for you, should you choose to accept it.

1. Stay with the same area of your life you focussed on before:  perfect mate, job, business, neighbourhood, etc.  On the top of the page write “my perfect mate’s perfect mate”, “my perfect job’s perfect employee”, or “my perfect business’ perfect owner”, etc.  For my example, I’ll use “my perfect mate’s perfect mate”.

2. In point form, describe what that perfect mate would want in a mate.  Be as specific as possible.  Describe qualities, traits, attitudes, behaviours, approach to life, behavioural style, ways of thinking, etc.  Create a profile of as many things as you can of what your perfect mate wants to attract.  Attempt to put yourself into her/his shoes.  Be honest.  This list may not necessarily be who you are yet.  That’s OK.

3. Consciously go through your days thinking, “what if”, and observing others for what would make a perfect partner for your perfect mate.

4. Continue to edit and add to your profile until you are totally satisfied.

5. Look at your list and carefully consider each quality or trait.  If it describes you, put a “yes”.  If it is not you, put a “no”.

6.  Congratulate yourself for where you are a “yes”.  Whoopee, yippee, hug yourself.  You have great qualities!!

7. Where you have a “no”, set a goal to change this about yourself – not next month or next year, right now.

This challenge is about becoming the perfect mate – about becoming consciously aware of, and adjusting your thoughts.  As you think, you speak, you act, and these become your new desirable habits.  Who could resist you?

Years ago, my relationship with Carol was quaking gravely (that’s honest).  I was focussing on what wasn’t right, what wasn’t working.  And that’s exactly what I got – it became a negative spiral.

I went through the process I’ve described, became aware of the traits and qualities that I wanted in my perfect mate, and Carol had most of them.  As I focussed on them, I saw more of them in her.  I changed my perspective.

As I honestly looked at what my perfect mate would want, I found that I had many of those traits too.  The more I focussed on those traits, the stronger they became.  I changed my perspective.  And in the areas where I needed to change, I created new habits.  I took time to:
– eat meals with my family,
– work smarter – not harder and longer,
– listen,
– cuddle,
– read,
– go camping,
– play games,
– laugh, and
– choose a positive attitude.

These were conscious choices I made.  The more I focussed on what I wanted and who I wanted to be, the more of that I attracted to me.  My relationship began to soar.

Exactly the same has occurred in other areas of my life – in my speaking profession, with clients, where I live, finances, etc.  What I focus on, I attract.

This is a natural law that works.  If you evaluate your life, you will find it has worked for you too, both positively and negatively.

Accept the challenges in these past 2 articles, focus on what you want, and watch your life escalate. It’s super-mondo magnetism and it works.

If you had paid $10,000 for this process, I’d offer you a money-back guarantee.  But it’s my gift to you.  And you get to decide on how great your results will be.

My life keeps getting exponentially better because of this process.  What about yours?

Go ahead, make a beneficial choice!