Bumblebees, You, and Me: Does Flight Have To Be Tough?

The rumour:  aerodynamically, based upon the ratio of wing surface area to body size, a bumblebee should not be able to fly.

A strange thought as I watch several bumblebees wiggle their pudgy black and yellow bodies in and out of purple delphinium flowers, legs laden with pollen, and then off they go in perfect flight.

No one told them they couldn’t fly.  Flight appears to be quite effortless to them.  They succeed year after year.

You may be thinking, “Who cares and so what?”

Here’s the point.

Are we the same as the bumblebee?  Do we create amazing results, thriving and succeeding, regardless of what others think we can or can’t do?  Or do we live our lives encumbered, limited, and held back by what we have accepted as common knowledge – absolute truth?

I’m guessing that both may be true.

I have recently received a whack of e-zines with stories and quotations about how our greatest life lessons come from our biggest failures and struggles.  It seems to be common thinking that it is OK, maybe even noble, to struggle and fight because at the end of the day, we will be struck with wisdom that will help us to move forward to greater success – so we can face even greater failures and struggles.

Cool deal!  Acceptance of this belief helps us to forge-on, regardless of the difficulty of the situation.  We trust that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

And yet, if we accept this belief, are we unconsciously buying into, and creating our own struggles and failures?  Are we unconsciously making a choice to either:
a) create our struggles, fights, and eventually success, or
b) be an incompetent, unsuccessful boob?

Tough choice!  Seems like insanity, but this scenario was true for me.

I remember choosing to put myself under incredible work pressure, taking-on way too much within a short time period, agreeing to things that didn’t feel good in my heart, struggling with how and where to use my time, neglecting my family, my health, and my relationships. I remember thinking, “Life is tough but I am going to become a much better person because of this.”

I admit there was great learning for me.

And yet, recently, I have quit buying into this deal about struggle and fight.  I don’t believe in sayings like these:  “The measure of a man is not how high he goes, but how high he rebounds after he has hit the bottom” or “To increase your success rate, double your failure rate.”

Instead, I approach life differently.  I look forward to each day for the peace, joy, happiness, and love that is all around me.  I believe that I learn more and better lessons about myself, others, and life when I believe in abundance rather than lack.  Life seems more satisfying, inspirational, profitable, and fun.  I perform much better when motivated by love rather than by fear of the fight.

How does it shake-out for you?  Upon what beliefs do you choose to base your life?  For some people, their beliefs are like these:
– Suck it up princess – life is tough
– Good humble people suffer
– The best lessons come from the biggest hardships
– It’s a dog-eat-dog world
– Failure is the best way to learn
– If I can just get through this … (day, week, month, contract, year(s), etc.) then life will be good.

I have a challenge for you, if you choose to accept it.  Say and re-affirm positive uplifting statements to yourself at least 3 times per day.  Fill your days with conscious thoughts, beliefs, and actions based on statements such as:
– Yahoo – life is great
– Today is the best day ever
– Life is so much fun
– I love what I do
– I treat all people with care, love, and respect
– I honour my relationships
– This is easy for me
– My greatest lessons come to me easily and effortlessly
– I experience success in everything I choose to do
– I provide exceptional value to our society.

You may be thinking, “Ah com’on Dan.  That positive thinking and affirmation stuff doesn’t work.”

You are absolutely correct, if that is what you believe.

On the other hand, why not give it a whirl?  What do you have to lose by trying?  Keep in mind the wise words of Yoda in the “Star Wars” movie, “Do, or do not do.  There is no try.”

Or in bumblebee terms, fly graciously and effortlessly, going above, below, around, and beyond.  Who really cares what others say you can or can’t do.

You are cleared for take-off.  Happy flying!