Multiple Personality Disorder – I’ve Got It, Do You?

I recently read about a woman who “suffered” from Multiple Personality Disorder.  This woman had persevered through a horrific childhood of physical, sexual, and mental abuse.  The article continued to propose that each time this woman was exposed to another threatening situation, her unconscious mind would create a new personality as a way to protect the “real” person.  The new personalities were physiologically a new person – different blood pressure, breathing rate, brain waves, voice, and physical appearance.  It was an unconscious coping mechanism to keep her safe.

I found this to be a fascinating theory, and I believe that most of us have a type of Multiple Personality Disorder, although we may not have endured the same traumatic situations.

Reflecting on my life, I have “suffered” from it and kept myself small, and I have also excelled because of it – usually unconsciously.

How does it shake out for you?

What happens to you when someone places a wee baby in your arms?  I’m guessing that you take on a personality of a child.  You coo-coo, goo-goo, whistle, pop, gurgle, and grin.  Your face takes-on a new look of lightness, youthfulness, and goofiness.  Is this a new personality?

Have you been in a conflict with your partner, spouse, or child, tempers are flaring, words may be flying, and then the phone rings?  I’m guessing that you answer the phone with a cheery, “Good morning.  Oh hi.  I’m wonderful and how about you?”  You may instantly take on a positive cheery personality.

Or you may naturally be a kind, caring, compassionate person and yet when you walk through the door of your workplace, you become a different person with a tough exterior which you believe is required to deal with the daily business challenges.

If this Multiple Personality Disorder theory is true, how can we consciously choose to use this gift to our advantage?

Personally, I have two challenges in this regard.  The first is to consciously choose a new personality every morning when I awaken.  I can choose to only accept a personality that is:
•    kind, caring, and compassionate
•    polite, respectful, and considerate
•    focused, productive, and powerful
•    energetic, spontaneous, and fun.
I can empower and energize this new personality to use my talents to excel in a bigger, more powerful way by thinking and doing things differently or better than I have done before.

My second challenge is to have the courage to let go of the old personalities, complete with their insecurities, limiting beliefs, and fears.  These are the personalities that I have clung tightly to because they seemed to keep me safe – safe but not utilizing my potential.

I know exactly when I allow these old personalities to jump back into my skin.  It’s when those hurtful words pop out of my mouth, when I think poorly of someone, when I play the blame-game, or when I feel “Oh, poor me, the world is doin’ it to me again”.  In a nutshell, it’s when I choose to be a victim of my own circumstances.  It’s when I forget that I choose exactly how I think, speak, and act in every moment.  It’s when I forget that I am in control of ALL of my results – every single one.

I’m having fun with this new perspective and these new personalities.

Why the heck am I telling you about this?  You probably know by now that I always have a challenge and a deal for you.

Here’s the deal – I’ll give you two squash and a zucchini (HELP! They took over the garden) if you accept the challenge.

Here’s the challenge – everyday, for the next 30 days, consciously choose a new personality that inspires you to:
•    empower yourself further
•    work smarter
•    love deeper
•    talk sweeter
•    learn more
•    read faster
•    smile broader
•    laugh often.

What about the old personalities?  With a breath of forgiveness and kindness, blow them away.

You are going to choose personalities anyway, so why not make it a conscious choice that is beneficial for you, your family, friends, and community?  Ultimately, your choice affects them all!

Hey, don’t get your shorts in a knot over it.  I’ll give you some slack.  Even if you slip a time or two, c’mon out, we’ll have a visit, and I’ll give you the dang squash anyway.

Have fun!