Relationship Coaching and Counselling in Edmonton, Alberta

Welcome to Thinkin’ Outside the Barn, an Edmonton, Alberta couples counselling and relationship coaching service that is ideal for those looking to recapture the spark that first ignited their relationship. Dan and Carol Ohler have years of experience providing relationship counselling to people in all walks of life. We use trusted and proven techniques to bring clarity to the issues you’re experiencing and aim to help you work towards achievable solutions that produce tangible results.

Couples Counselling Services in Edmonton, Alberta

All couples have problems from time to time, but in some cases those problems grow into bigger issues that can seem untenable. At Thinkin’ Outside the Barn, our Edmonton, Alberta couples counselling service will help you and your partner embrace and rediscover everything that made you first fall in love. We strive in helping couples step outside of their traditional way of thinking, which can give your relationship the jumpstart it needs to reach the next level.

Marriage Counselling Services in Edmonton, Alberta

We understand that even the most idyllic marriages can become a challenge when other aspects of life distract you from the reasons you first made a commitment to each other. Sometimes things even get so bad that you might be wondering if getting married was a mistake. We’re here to help you see that the reasons you and your partner established a marriage are still there, and through our Edmonton, Alberta marriage counselling services, we can help you rediscover them.

Marriage and Couples Retreats in Edmonton, Alberta

Sometimes standard counselling sessions are not the solution for couples who really need to re-establish the bond that has withered or broken down in their eyes. At our marriage and couples retreat in Edmonton, Alberta, we invite you to experience a personal and confidential getaway. It is our hope that through this retreat your relationship comes out stronger than it’s ever been.