Relationship Coaching and Counselling in Red Deer, Alberta

Welcome to Thinkin’ Outside the Barn, a relationship counselling service in Red Deer, Alberta. We’re Dan and Carol Ohler, and like many of you, we know what it’s like to be in a relationship that didn’t always work out the way we imagined. Through more than three decades of working with each other on our own marriage, we’ve developed proven strategies that have helped, not only us, but so many other couples rediscover the true love that first ignited their relationship.

Couples Counselling Services in Red Deer, Alberta

We are happy to work with any couple regardless of how long they’ve been together. Whether you’re in the first year of your relationship or you’ve been struggling for a while, our relationship coaching techniques can help. We provide Red Deer, Alberta couples counselling that can help you and your partner really understand what isn’t working and how to evolve and grow your relationship in a way that is more suitable for you both.

Marriage Counselling Services in Red Deer, Alberta

We understand that marriage can be tough, especially when you have to balance full-time jobs, kids, and any number of other things life throws at you. In the beginning it may have felt like there was nothing else in the world besides each other, but without love and care, and continued relationship maintenance, bonds can faulter years into a marriage. With our marriage counselling in Red Deer, Alberta, we’ll help both of you think outside the barn and begin to see your marriage in an new light that may bring about positive change.

Marriage and Couples Retreats in Red Deer, Alberta

Our relationship counselling services also includes Red Deer, Alberta couples’ retreats. This getaway will re-charge your relationship and allow you to truly realize the full potential of what it means to love and support each other. We’ll help you identify solutions that you can take home with you once the retreat is over.

Get started today. Contact us at 780-785-9479 to learn more about our marriage counselling services in Red Deer, Alberta.