Why The Heck…

…Do They Do What They Do?

Understanding behaviour; improving communication

Profit and loss, supply and demand, marketing and conversion – these are concepts that come naturally to you, as a corporate leader.

What makes your people tick?  Well friend, that’s a trickier business, isn’t it?

Too bad that each one doesn’t come with an Operator’s Manual.

In a perfect world …

…you’d lead a positive, productive team that never argued, disagreed, kept secrets, or advanced personal agendas.

But it’s not a perfect world, is it?

These things inevitably happen.  They create confusion, distraction, unmet expectations, productivity loss, and hurt feelings. They prevent your team from reaching its full potential.

When they happen, even the most patient among us can’t help but scratch our heads and wonder: “Why the heck do they do that?”

I’ll help you understand – in a fun way with Personality Dimensions® theory

You’ll learn that the differences in behavioural and communication styles can be a powerful tool for you as a leader, rather than a stressor and a barrier to productivity. You’ll learn:

  • how to identify the 4 different behavioural styles, based on Personality Dimensions® theory
  • to understand their motivators (why they do it)
  • how to engage them effectively on your team
  • how to resolve conflicts quickly so everyone wins
  • how to encourage and reward them based upon their natural talents
  • to find the strength that exists when you understand and celebrate the differences.

“Why the Heck” will equip you with the tools you need to tackle your biggest people challenges: labour shortages, lack of motivation, restructuring, diversity and generational issues, demographic shifts, and retention problems.

Specifically, you’ll learn how these tools will help you match the right person to the right job.

Have you ever spent thousands of dollars and a ton of time to recruit, hire, and train a team member, and then you realize, “Dang, that’s not a good fit”?  Or you’ve got a high-potential employee that suddenly walks out the door – for good?

Let’s figure this out together. Why the heck not?

Download and complete this Relational Leadership Audit. Then call me at 1-780-785-9479.  We can discuss how to grow this program especially for your group.