2 Unkept Secrets For Lasting Happiness

In speaking engagements or workshops, I’ll occasionally ask, “Who would like a bit more happiness?”  I’ve never met anyone who replied, “No, I’ve got enough happiness.  I don’t want any more.”

I believe that happiness can be measured on a continuum from 1 to 10, with 10 being extreme happiness, maybe described as bliss.  In one situation, we might choose a 2 or 3.  At other times, we might choose an 8 or 9.

My goal is to have the average level of happiness throughout the day as high as possible.  I understand it is always my choice in every moment, even though my ego likes me to think there is someone or something else to blame for the low levels of happiness.

Another inspiring piece is this: 10 continues to move further out.  It’s not a place I can stand and say, “Yes, I finally made it.”

Let’s come back to where we started.  If most people want more happiness, what secrets can you and I implement to experience more of this desired emotion, for ourselves and at a societal level?

Gratitude & praise will elevate your days


Gratitude is an appreciation of what is in me and surrounds me.  It is an expanding conscious awareness – a thankful broadening of what I see, hear, feel, taste, and smell.

But, there is so much crap in the world that I can’t control.  Why bother?

It is too easy to whine and worry about:  my sore toe; a snow storm; people caught in floods; the political and economic conditions.

It takes greater courage and fortitude to be grateful for: my good health; the beautiful rhythms of nature; courageous people who risk their lives to help others; systems that allow me to live and work in a safe and abundant environment.

Gratitude is an intrinsic expression of the awesomeness I choose to see, think, and feel.  It’s in me, which helps me to choose a positive attitude and elevate my level of happiness.

So what?  How does that help in a bigger sense?

Gratitude & praise will elevate your days


Praise is the act of sharing gratitude with others – the icing on the happiness cake.

Sure, it feels good for me to share my inner thoughts and feelings of gratitude. Depending on the other person’s level of happiness, they may not be open to hearing about it, because it is about me.

Praise is the act of searching for and acknowledging others for specific admirable attributes about them.  It is all about them.

  • “I am grateful for your dedication to improve the effectiveness of our communication.”
  • Thank you for prioritizing our relationship so we can have this high-quality time together.”
  • “I appreciate you for how you really listen to others – to understand them.”
  • “I appreciate you for the kind, respectful way you talk to others.”
  • “I acknowledge you for the time and effort you invest in this community project.”
  • “I honour you for your dedication to your employees’ success by offering them the opportunity to invest in the company.”
  • “I am so thankful to know you. You model passion and creativity in everything you do.”

As above, the other person may not be open to internalizing this praise – at least consciously.  Yet at some level, it makes a positive difference.  It is a seed that grows as I continue to nurture it.

As I continue to look for, and genuinely praise others everywhere I go, my level of happiness grows, and I see it growing in others by how they speak and act – maybe not immediately, but in time.

Gratitude & praise will elevate your days

What is the more extensive effect as I apply these un-kept secrets?


In my mind and heart, love is the effect when my thoughts, words, and actions reflect a state of mind of “oneness,” whereby a totally encompassing feeling of love replaces fear, laughter replaces tears, and abundance replaces loss.  It is much more than giving love or receiving love.  Love is a “beingness.”  Happiness is one part of it.

Gratitude & praise will elevate your days

What about you?

When and how, specifically, are you going to apply these 2 unkept secrets for lasting happiness?

If you question the validity of these secrets, or have trouble applying them, you are not alone.  I invite you to leave a comment below, or call us at 780-785-9479.  It all starts with a conversation.

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