Bragging? Maybe, But The Point Is…

I feel extremely humbled.

At the recent Gathering Of Alberta Co-ops 2014, there was an awards ceremony at the Gala.  Although I was not in attendance, I was declared the recipient of the Cooperative Visionary Leadership Award.  This award recognizes demonstrated leadership in a co-operative or credit union, at any level, that:

  • Inspired others toward something better;
  • Looked beyond what is to what could be;
  • Captured the values of the members;
  • Persevered; and
  • Transcended personal interests.

This was for work I’ve done and continue to do in our own community with Sangudo Opportunity Development Co-op and for work with ACCA and the Unleashing Local Capital program.

Cool!!  But the point of this?

I regularly talk about the amazing things that happen, and the really great feelings that result when we, as humans, get outside of our own inner worlds of stories, dramas, and BS excuses, and look for ways to help others, and to make our community and world a better place.

And it is really weird, yet it seems that the better it gets, the better it gets.  When giving and sharing and loving, without any conditions or expectations of anything in return, we seem to attract even more great opportunities and potentials and greatness.  Check out this article about just this point.

The reverse is true as well.  The worse it gets, the worse it gets.  Hmmm?

Or, at least that’s my experience.

Here is the video response I prepared for that awards ceremony that fits quite well with the above statements.

So, what about you?

What do you do now that is outside of yourself?

How do you give of yourself, unconditionally, to make your family and community even better?

How can you really cement your own relationships so you’ve got the energy and passion to do more outside of yourself?

How does it feel?   how can I help

These are questions I continue to ponder.  Please send me a note with your ideas.  Let’s talk.

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