Decision-making Made Easy

Dang, we’ve had some nasty arguments when it comes to decision-making. Have you?

Here’s the truth, plain and simple. Making the decision based on my logic is right … which means that Carol’s thoughts and feelings are wrong. I’ll bet you can guess what Carol has to say about that. Or to avoid conflict, we don’t make a decision at all – which is really a decision to do nothing – and that leads to resentment.

Can you see, hear, or feel the flaws? Come along on our adventure, won’t you? And then pass it along to others you care about.

To avoid the damage that can occur, what is your decision-making model as a couple?

If making decisions as a couple has, or is causing challenges for you, you are not alone. We invite you to call us at 780-785-9479, or leave a reply below, or scroll to the bottom and send us a direct note.

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