Desire To Engage

Dang it used to frustrate me when I’d do something to Carol (a touch, a kiss, a few words) because I had a desire to engage in an interaction, and it would be ignored or missed.  That was mostly years ago, yet still happens now and then.

I also know there have been many times Carol was striving to engage with me and I ignored it, or worse, I’d twist it into a story that she was attacking me.

Check this out for some strategies you may apply in your relationship when there is a desire to engage. We recorded this outside, so there is a bit of wind and cat noise.

Soooo?  What insights did you gain for yourself?  Also check this article.

Finding a new way can be a challenge – we know from our own experience.  If you are open to a conversation about it, we invite you to reach out. We’re happy to schedule a no-fee Introductory Zoom meeting to explore the results you can create for yourself through Couples Coaching. Or I invite you to call me at 780-785-9479.

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