Your Jigsaw Puzzle Of Life?

What would be different in your approach if you experienced everyday as part of your jigsaw puzzle of life?

Would you be inquisitive or forceful? Curious or directive? Present or distracted?

There is no right or wrong, yet the metaphor of a jigsaw puzzle of life can help shift how we interact with ourselves, our partner, and others with whom we relate.

Now, what specifically, are you going to do to apply this?  What are your intentions?

If you look into your future 3 or 6 months from now, what will be different when you apply these insights?

Once you and your partner have heard this and talked about it, we’d love to know your thoughts.


katherine brusse

This podcast is very interesting to me. I wonder if you would consider coaching Me Myself and I.
You are both people who can be trusted AND have knowledge that will help.

Dan Ohler

Hi Katherine. Thanks for your note.

Absolutely, we can work with you, or even all 3 of you. Please call us to talk about it.

I love you


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