Vulnerability Is A Life Foundation

Until you have practiced with vulnerability, it can be dang uncomfortable.  Yet vulnerability is a life foundation – a key to experiencing long-term joy, happiness, and fulfillment in your relationship.

Brene Brown describes the challenge and the rewards in this TED Talk.  It is 20 minutes well worth your time.

  • What, specifically, are you going to do to practice vulnerability with your partner today?
  • As you do that, what affect will it have on the level of trust?
  • What is the underlying message you are giving your partner?

Vulnerability is a life foundation and I trust you will make it an intention now, won’t you?

If this is tough for you, I invite you to call me at 780-785-9479 and we can have a conversation about it.

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Greg Hall

Thank you again for another super post. Vulnerability is said (in research) to be a key attribute of excellence in leadership and super interesting (and an excellent point) that you bring the attribute of vulnerability to the area of relationship development.
PS. I really like the short and sweet videos!


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