A Single Word Can Muck Up Your Relationship: a need for awareness and honesty

When coaching with couples, we usually ask if they know their partner’s hot buttons – words, a look, an expression that sends the partner into defensiveness, anger, withholding, or running. The answer is always “yes.”

A really simple way to improve your relationship is to stop pushing those buttons. 

Easier said than done.  As well as the hot buttons we know, often our partner has triggers that we’re not aware of.  As with all challenges, honest communication is the key to understand these and to develop ways to reduce unwanted behaviour.

Here is an example that you can probably relate to.

What are some of your triggers that you’ve not shared with your partner?  C’mon, be honest with us.



Hi Debbie,

Thanks for your comment. It is nice to know that people read these and get something out of them.

Our Mission is to change our world; one relationship at a time.


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