Your Relationship With Your Partner: It’s the small things that count

Your relationship with your partner is likely the most important relationship you will ever have.  It is wise to review and revise your “attention strategy” to ensure long-term success.  Otherwise, its too easy to take each other for granted and … ah, just read on and watch the video.

When we coach with couples, there are usually “bones of contention” which keep the couple from communicating effectively. Although they can become very big barriers and create less-than-desirable feelings, they often are rooted in small habits.

Overcoming these barriers is not difficult because it only takes the commitment to small consistent acts of attention, kindness, and love.

The weird part is that usually these small acts were “normal” when the relationship was young.

If only… if only they had continued…

Know what I’m talking about?

John Gottman of the Gottman Institute claims he can determine very quickly if a marriage will last simply by monitoring how many of these small acts of attention occur. The good news is that you can make a choice to start them right now. If you do them already, you can ramp it up even more.

We invite you to watch this beautiful video, take the challenge, and then we’d love to have a conversation with you to learn about your results. Although it is entitled “Before You Get Married,” the priniciple applies always.



Hi Lisa,

Yes it is beautiful. As a Marriage Commissioner, I send this to couples who book me to do their ceremonies – always great comments.

Have an amazing day!


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