Chronic Complaints: After 3 times, lay that sucker out

You might know the routine.  Out of genuine care and concern for your partner you ask, “How was your day?

The response goes something like this, “Oh, you can’t believe what a crappy day it was……… (on and on and on, gag, gag, adnosium).”

Too often, replaying these stories, and telling them over and over only makes them bigger.  It affects the energy in the relationship and drags everyone down.

We’re thinking a much better question would be, “What was the best part of your day?

Our dear friend. Darci Lang, a fabulous motivational speaker, shared a great way to deal with these chronic complaints, so you can focus on the 90% – the great stuff of the day.  Here’s our take on it.

What are your best ways to deal with these complaints?



Hi Debbie,

I trust all is well for you. Have fun as you lay those suckers out. Works well to look at them as if they are on the table in front of you. For me, it helps me take the emotions out of them long enough that I can deal with them in a logical, moral, ethical, and loving manner.


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