The Conflict Starts Within

Does this sound familiar?  Something happens and “Wham”, you are in conflict. It’s weird how quickly this occurs. However, if you and I look closer, we’ll find that the conflict starts within.

We’ve shared about the Dreaded Drama Triangle before, yet this podcast takes a deeper inner look.

If this conflict within is a regular thing for you, you are not alone.

Unfortunately, as long as you are breathing, you will have experiences where conflict starts within, which often ends up as conflict with someone else.  It’s a normal part of living.  Yet it can become a constructive process with a greater level of conscious awareness.

Do you want to make some incremental changes that will positively affect you, your partner, your kids, and anyone else you know?

We invite you to reach out and let’s have a conversation about it. We invite you to call us at 780-785-9479.

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