Embracing Sexual Intimacy

Sure, you may tease, or flirt, or joke about sex – or a lack of. Yet, the conversations about sexual intimacy, which is much deeper and more meaningful, may be a taboo subject in your relationship. You may dance around it, yet not really focus on embracing your sexual intimacy.

Regardless of the quality of your relationship now, conversations about your sexual intimacy may be far more important than who is going to take the kids to school, or get the groceries, or mow the grass.

We invite you to join us for deeper understanding, so it will be an easier, more mindful, more value-full conversation for you.

Still a bit unsure how to bring this up with your sweetie about embracing your sexual intimacy? We invite you to call us at 780-785-9479. Or, let’s schedule a no-fee phone or Zoom meeting so you can learn how we can work together to enhance your relationship.

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