Focused Time Will Make It Fine: It’s a juggling act

Where does your relationship with your partner fit on your list of priorities?

Weird question because I don’t have a written list of my priorities in life (roles).  Do you?

Yet if we evaluate how we distribute our time, effort, and attention, it is very clear that you and I DO have an unconscious list of priorities.  The order of the list may not be as important as your level of satisfaction with each role.  The collective level of satisfaction affects your quality of life (happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction).  We all know that if things aren’t going well in one role, it affects them all.

We invite you to watch the video and then read further below.

Life is a continual juggling act, isn’t it?

Each role you have is a juggling ball in this game.  Let’s explore the extremes on either end of the continuum.  I invite you to determine where you fit. For our examples, let’s not use chainsaws or sharp knives.

Example 1:

This person juggles lots of balls.  An outside observer may say, “Wow, look at her go.  She’s really successful.”  Yet, life may seem frantic for her. Rather than relaxation and an attitude of total joy in the game, there is frenzy, and a fear of dropping something.  And she does. And then another and another, and they all roll away.

Focused time will make it fine.

Example 2:

This person may choose to use only one ball. He’s in a groove. Yet he feels empty, maybe even lonely, because the other balls are on the floor, screaming to be touched and to be in the game.  But it seems it will take too much effort to pick up another ball, or he’s afraid that he won’t be able to handle it, so he tries to ignore those other balls. Eventually those other balls leave, to play the game in someone else’s hands.

Focused time will make it fine.

Sometimes, we just need to stop, look at all the balls, and evaluate where we want to focus our time and attention to provide the greatest overall satisfaction – to have life ease-full, joy-full and fun.  Based on our research and our own experiences, the relationship with an intimate partner is one role that often gets neglected.  This ball is fragile.  If it is dropped over and over, it will break.

Focused time will make it fine.

What are your thoughts on this juggling game?  We’d love to have a conversation with you.

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