Is It Time for Self-Love For You?

OK, you’re saying, “Self Love? C’mon, Dan. What d’ya mean by time for self-love?” Maybe we could just call it self-care.

The most important question is this, “What does self-love have to do with your intimate relationship?” It ties in really well with our ‘Heart of Relationships‘ model. But now, check out this quick video.

As coaches, we always have questions:

Specifically, what are you committed to do to care for and love yourself?

Specifically, what can you ASK your partner, so he/she will apply the self-love concept?

When you both do this, what affect will it have on your relationship?

If this is a bit uncomfortable for you, you are not alone. We invite you to call us at 780-785-9479 or at home 780-785-3700.

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