The Joy Of Mediocrity

We strive for perfection (or at least excellence), so what’s this deal about the joy of mediocrity?

If you are even a little bit like us (and most of the couples and individuals we coach), we can be incredibly hard on ourselves and each other when we don’t meet our own, or our partners expectations. It can cause much unnecessary stress. Check this video out.

How might it feel for you to be gentle on yourself and your partner and find the joy in mediocrity? Forgiveness might be part of it, maybe?

When, specifically, are you going to begin this and experience the gentleness and joy?

This is tough work. If you have challenges, you are totally normal. We invite you to call us at 780-785-9479 or email us. Let’s have a conversation. That’s where “creating your relationship by your design” begins.

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