Relationship Emergency Response Plan

Stuff happens in life – deaths, accidents, job loss, business failure, etc. It can put extra stress on your romantic relationship. Having a relationship emergency response plan established for what support looks like, sounds like, and feels like can minimize the stress and have both people feeling valued and cared for. It is not as much about what you are going to “do” as it is about how you “communicate”.

Yes, there are things you can do for yourself, yet having your spouse/partner as solid support aids the process.

Have you thought about, and planned your relationship strategy for what if…?

These conversations are best held in times when things are going well. What would stop you from creating a written set of guidelines?

When emotions are high, this plan can keep you both centered, empathetic, compassionate, and growing the love between you.

If you are like most couple we know, you don’t have a relationship emergency response plan. Let’s have a conversation about it, shall we?.



That is a fantastic Idea. Thank you very much for all that you do. I will make a plan with Amber. We just went through this with Ambers Dad passing. She was very strong but it made me think about how much of a wreck I will be when that happens on my side.
Thanks and God bless.
I love you guys.

Dan Ohler

Thanks for your comments, Steve. Yes, this can minimize a lot of stress when the unexpected, or sometimes expected but not-ready-for-it happens. The honest, open dialogue can be very creative and fun. I love you.


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