Relationship Training? Why Not?

Relationship training in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic? Why not? Many people are having much more time at home, with their partner, and possibly with kids. (check out the video below)

Whether you are in “work-from-home” mode, reduced hours, laid off, or simply because other public events and activities aren’t allowed, this could be the perfect time to prioritize your relationship, through relationship training with your partner, so you can handle anything that comes along, as a collaborative, solid team.

The relationship training and couples coaching we offer is by phone or platforms such as Zoom, and you’ll find it is super effective that way – as well as ensuring you are safe, healthy, and comfortable.

We are offering a free coaching session to any couple who has the awareness and desire to make their relationship more fun, fulfilling, and joyful. We invite you to call us at 780-785-9479 so we can schedule it. You’ll leave with at least one solid strategy to work on.

We’ve worked hard to develop our amazing relationship. Yet, we continually look for ways to enhance it. In fact, we’re taking an exceptional on-line course called Become Passion – Create love that lasts a lifetime. Check it out.

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