Rituals In Your Relationship

Consciously (or not), you have established rituals in your relationship. Communicating about, and intentionally planning regular rituals will greatly enhance the quality of your relationship with yourself and your spouse/partner.

Or, you can just accept whatever comes along be default. You probably know what happens then. For us, we know from experience the resulting feelings ain’t pretty.

What conscious and intentional big “R” and little “r” rituals are you going to experiment with?

If you struggle with this, you are not alone. Please email us at info@DanAndCarol.com or call us at 780-785-9479. Let’s have a conversation about it.


Theresa Utri

Great to hear your voices and insight. This is a current topic in our home.and there are two strong sides.thank you for some perspective and new goals new rituals to strive for.❤ love you guys

Dan Ohler

Thanks for your note, Theresa. It is always valuable to have two strong sides. It gives great fodder for powerful dialogue and for coming up with new rituals and goals that are better than either thought possible.

Have fun!


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