Seasons Of Relationships

As I look out the window at the snow piling up on the branches of the spruce trees, I realize winter has hit. In the past, I’ve had similar realizations about my relationship with Carol. There are seasons of relationships, each one with powerful learnings. The challenge is for you and I to be aware of the changes, accept the learnings, and then apply them in our relationship. It is really about being accountable.

Let’s explore, shall we?

Like the seasons outside, we can thrive through the seasons of relationships with conscious awareness, honesty, and respectful communication. It requires paying attention and being mindful.

Easy? Not always, yet the results make it worth the effort.

If you are feeling stuck in one of the seasons and losing hope, we invite you to reach out to us. Sometimes a little sunshine can allow you to choose a whole new perspective. Call us at 780-785-9479.

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