Selfish Or Self-full? A Reframe That Counts

Selfish or self-full? How often do you think or say the word “selfish”? If you look deeper, what is that judgement of others, or of yourself about? More importantly, what would it take for you to make a conscious reframe of the word to “self-full” and to behave accordingly?

Imagine… Imagine a world where we all treat ourselves and others in a self-full way.

If this concept is hard for you to grasp, and it is affecting your relationship with yourself and/or your sweetie, you are not alone. We invite you to call us at 780-785-9479. Let’s have a conversation to explore your best ways to choose a more love-full way to be.

Selfish or self-full? It may not be a simple choice, yet it will be a valuable one.

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